My name is Liam Marsh and I am a professional Natural History and Wildlife photographer. I currently live in the beautiful Blackdown hills of south Somerset.

First and foremost I am a photographer. It has been my life long ambition to have a career in photography and it’s something that I am deeply enthusiastic bordering on obsessive about. I’ll happily refer to myself as a camera geek.

More than anything I enjoy taking Natural History photographs with an emphasis on wildlife. I find the technical challenge that comes with photographing wild subjects combined with the long hours being outdoors to be the perfect occupation.

I am driven by the desire to produce captivating and informative photographs about the natural world. In particular I enjoy studying entomology (insects) and photographing those subjects that receive less attention than they deserve.

When it comes to equipment I always choose Canon. I use lenses ranging from 8mm to 500mm. My favourite piece of kit by far has to be speedlites. I find the creativity and freedom that comes with adding artificial light to a scene, to be one of the greatest joys of photography. My favourite images are those that push the technology in order to show people something that they haven’t seen before.

I am fortunate to have had my work featured in magazines and written articles regarding photography. In 2012 I was declared ‘wildlife in the garden’ category winner of the International Garden Photographer of the year. In 2016 I won the 'wildlife in HD' category for my short film 'spring on the river'. In 2017 I won again with my short film titled ‘rock in the stream’ about caddisfly larvae.

It is my hope that through photography I am able to share my passion for Natural History and inspire people to take a greater interest in the natural world. 


For more information about me and my work you can read an interview I gave to the freshwaterblog.net here.